GenoMed awarded second patent, for avoiding dialysis in acute kidney failure

GenoMed announced today that it received its second patent (US Patent #6,998,404) for the "Treatment or prevention of acute renal failure." Acute kidney failure usually happens when a patient gets dehydrated.

Acute kidney failure currently requires a lengthy hospital stay, often involving daily kidney dialysis in the Intensive Care Unit. In addition to the extra cost, acute kidney failure also carries up to a 50% risk of dying. Avoiding dialysis in the first place should greatly improve patient survival and lower healthcare costs.

Said David Moskowitz, MD, FACP, GenoMed's CEO and Chief Medical Officer, "Our patented protocol should be of immediate use to every hospital around the world, especially in places without convenient dialysis. It should be especially useful in disaster zones like New Orleans and earthquakes, as well as the battlefield, where people get dehydrated and go into kidney failure, but can't be dialyzed right away."

Added Dr. Moskowitz, "In a pilot series, our protocol was safe and effective in a dozen newborns and nine adults, including several patients with combined liver and kidney failure, so-called hepato-renal syndrome. We invite interested physicians to collaborate with us in extending these results to additional patients."


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