Daily broccoli juice beats bladder cancer in elderly man

An elderly man in Britain believes he has beaten cancer by drinking a daily glass of broccoli juice.

Ray Wiseman, a 79 year old grandad was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2003, at the time his prognosis was not good and Ray was not expected to survive.

However recent scans have revealed that the cancer has stopped spreading and his chances of a recovery have greatly improved.

Mr Wiseman attributes the turn around in his condition to the tumbler of broccoli juice that his wife prepares for him each day.

Mr Wiseman, who lives in Leicestershire, says he knows the daily juice has done him some good and suggests it could do the same for others.

The idea came from his wife Joan who is herself 72, after a friend told her about the healing benefits of green vegetables.

The daily cocktail is a combination of a head of broccoli with some apples and carrots which improve the taste and Joan says her husband's incredible luck is down to the broccoli.

Joan believes their experience could help other cancer sufferers.

Cancer Research UK have asked for the recipe so their scientists can carry out studies into the vegetable's benefits.

Recent research has suggested that broccoli might possibly have cancer-beating properties - scientists at the Institute of Food Research found that men who ate one daily portion had altered patterns of gene activity in their prostates, suggesting that the chemicals in the vegetable might be able to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Back in 2006 a report published in the British Journal of Cancer found that natural chemicals in certain vegetables, such as broccoli-cauliflower and cabbage, can enhance DNA repair in cells, which could help stop them becoming cancerous.

Cancer Research UK says a lot of research has focused on broccoli and its healing properties and it should be part of a healthy diet that is high in all fruit and vegetables.

Bladder cancer is the fifth most common form of the disease and affects more men than women.

Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family and is rich in vitamin C and also has properties that boost the human immune systems helping to fight viruses, bacteria and cancer.

Research has found that boiling broccoli can reduce its anti-cancer compounds, while steaming and microwaving do not.


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