Article discusses advantages of automatic self-sheathing safety syringes

E-18 Corp. (OTCBB:ETEN), through its wholly owned subsidiary SquareOne Medical, Inc., doing business as Protectus Medical Devices ("Protectus Medical Devices"), today announces the release of an Op-Ed article from

Written by the Editor of, an online investor portal, the Friday, August 28th article discusses the enormous opportunity for the Protectus Safety Syringe as the sole safety syringe that automatically self-sheaths, potentially revolutionizing an important segment of the healthcare system. The device could significantly reduce the billions of dollars spent each year on needlestick injuries and save hundreds of lives for those medical professionals at risk of contracting diseases through accidental needlesticks.

From the article, the Editor notes key aspects of the Protectus Safety Syringe:

“There are ‘safety syringes’ and there is a Safety Syringe. The problem is that current safety syringes may seem better than the previous devices, but still have the ability to cause accidental sticks. None, save one, is automatically self-sheathing and has delivered a zero failure rate in Full Comparison Clinical Trials.”

The Editor goes on to say, “The market for syringes in the US tops 8 billion units a year. Worldwide over 30 billion are used: Price per unit ranges from 18 cents to 75 cents or higher. And in this case, the most expensive is definitely not the best way to go…even if were free! As a matter of fact, the best and safest unit comes in at an astounding 20 cents to distributors.”


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