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The great philosopher Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." Now, in his new book "Just Before..." (published by Trafford), author and NLP(TM) Wordsmythe Jeff Schoener presents readers with a way to examine their past and relive memories ranging from the simplest and most profound.

We have all experienced certain memories that affect our lives. Some are pivotal. These memories change us in some way. Similar experiences happen at different times of our lives and allow the common threads to weave through our experiences. Moment by moment, we take these threads and weave them together.

All too often as we grow comfortable within our own memory or the re-sharing of experiences we do so in the most comfortable sense modality for us. This forms deeper Neuro-cortical pathways within that area of our brains. By utilizing "Just Before...The Memory and Sensory Enhancement Guide Book," the reader will replicate their experience onto other cortex areas. This brings to life all five senses. Patients who suffer from Stroke and Parkinson's often have brain lesions or other forms of damage. By simply exercising the brain in fun ways, the memories will become more robust, more fascinating to share and more difficult to lose.

"Just Before..." is fun, simple and easy to use. Schoener has set up the questions, all the reader has to do is answer. Readers can use "Just Before..." as written, or pick it up and turn to any page. "Just Before..." can help readers learn to know themselves a little better, as well as teach those around them about one's personal history. Continue using "Just Before..." and expand dialogues, as well as make new friends.

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