Olympus America introduces new V-System for ERCP procedure

Olympus America Inc., a precision technology leader designing and delivering innovative solutions in medical and surgical products among other core business areas, today launched its new V-System. The new V-System combines Olympus' latest duodenoscope, the TJF-Q180V, with its unique V-System devices for the endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedure. The TJF-Q180V is the first duodenoscope to feature Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) and a dual guidewire locking mechanism that securely supports a short guidewire exchange. The scope also features a larger and higher resolution image than its predecessor. The new V-System was developed by Olympus to help address the challenges of the ERCP procedure and allow physicians to achieve and maintain access to the biliary system with greater ease.

The new V-System also provides physicians with a choice of distally wire-guided or conventional over-the-wire devices. The guidewire locking mechanism on the new TJF-Q180Vsecurely locks a 0.025 inch or 0.035 inch guidewire to support a short guidewire exchange. Traditionally, short-wire systems have been limited in their ability to use devices other than those sold with the proprietary system. The new Olympus V-System has been designed as an "open system," which offers clinicians the flexibility to combine other proprietary devices to best match their clinical needs and achieve cost efficiency.

"I consider the TJF-Q180V to be the new gold standard in ERCP technology," said David R. Lichtenstein, MD, director of endoscopy at Boston Medical Center. "The development of the V-System by Olympus offers the freedom to choose between long and short-wire approaches and solo endoscopy versus assistant-aided guidewire manipulation. In my experience, the enhanced V-System allows for faster device exchanges, less fluoroscopy time, and single operator manipulation of the guidewire during cannulation, translating into a potential reduction in complications such as pancreatitis," added Lichtenstein.

"The V-System is a result of our company's focus on endoscopic innovation and meeting the needs of our customers," said Patrick MacCarthy, Vice President of EndoTherapy for Olympus America's Medical Systems Group. "The physicians, nurses and technicians that we serve have asked for an ERCP solution that will enable short-wire exchange, but also include the flexibility to switch between physician and assistant control of the devices. They also demanded that the system be "open," so that their device choices would not be limited to one company. We listened, and I'm delighted to say that we can now deliver a solution that will allow for the best patient care, while also driving cost efficiency."


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