Clinica of Virginia signs contracts with major insurance providers

Exmovere Holdings, Inc (, a biomedical engineering company, today announced that Clinica of Virginia, LLC, its wholly owned subsidiary, which now provides local patients with affordable, quality medical services has signed contracts with major insurance providers, Medicare, and Medicaid. Further, electronic data interchanges (EDIs) are in place for most of the major insurance carriers. This will facilitate a cost-effective, secure and efficient transmittal of information which will greatly reduce expenses, improve accuracy, and reduce processing time. Medicaid and Medicare are currently in place with two major insurance carriers and others are expected to be online shortly. Furthermore, Clinica will soon accept HMO payments and hopes shortly to be accepting Medicare Part B. Along the lines of these advances, Clinica of Virginia LLC is in advanced talks with Tricare as well. Tricare is supplemental insurance and is offered by most military associations.

Establishing these important conduits to both government and private insurance companies is critical in Clinica 's strategy of providing affordable and quality healthcare solutions to its clients. In addition to these ongoing advances in establishing reimbursement and the advantages they will have for patients, this is a major validation of the company as a viable healthcare provider. Exmovere VP and COO Cheyenne Crow commented, "These incremental yet important steps are critical to establishing an easy, user friendly, and economical environment for our clients. After all, it is about the patients and making their lives a little easier which is what brought about the inception of Clinica in the first place. The broader a reimbursement net we can cast, the easier it will be for patients and the more operationally efficient it will be for Clinica."

Clinica of Virginia LLC, with its first internal medicine and geriatric care medical clinic at Mosby Tower in downtown Fairfax, Virginia, plans on not only offering quality affordable healthcare but also providing patients unique access to Exmovere's biosensor-based, remote patient monitoring and mobility products. Within 6 months, Clinica's staff will be able to observe patient emotional states in the waiting area and examination rooms, monitor patient vital signs remotely and integrate all of these data in patient electronic health records. Exmovere will also develop biofeedback products for exclusive use at Clinica locations, with an emphasis on treating stress, insomnia, incontinence and sexual disorders. Over time, Clinica will expand its footprint of such clinics and drive these data mining activities in order to show the relationship between human emotion and biological outcomes. The foundation of all these activities will be the continual expansion of reimbursement for not only the services offered at these clinics but also Exmovere's important product offerings. Data driven validation will show over time how important human emotional status is to human health and why its use should be supplemental to the five vital signs in diagnosis.


Clinica of Virginia


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