Speech impaired after stroke but can sing

A British professional singer and music and drama teacher, Ann Arscott who was left unable to speak after suffering a devastating stroke has discovered she can still sing. She is from Birmingham, central England and suffered a sudden stroke in April last year which left her speechless – a condition known as aphasia.

18 months after the incident the 48-year-old discovered that despite needing a letter board to communicate words, she was still able to sing. She has also performed in a concert in Birmingham to aid the UK charity Stroke Association.

According to Stroke Association volunteer Kate Green, “The concert had the aim of raising awareness of aphasia and as a side benefit it raised about £1,500 for the Stroke Association.”

Stroke Association research liaison officer Dr Sharlin Ahmed explained that people with aphasia can sometimes sing because a different part of the brain is activated by music. “There are pieces of research to suggest that music and singing can aid with the rewiring process of the brain,” Dr. Ahmed said.

Miss Arscott has also joined a drama group and is confident that the improvements in her skills will continue.

Dr. Ananya Mandal

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Dr. Ananya Mandal

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