Randox launches Lab Tests Blog

Randox Laboratories is excited to announce the launch of its very own online blog - Lab Tests Blog.

Randox Laboratories is an international diagnostic solutions company, providing revolutionary products and services to laboratories worldwide. Randox has been developing innovative diagnostic solutions for 30 years, and is now recognised as a global leader within this market. With such experience serving the needs of clinical, research, veterinary, forensic, hospital and food testing laboratories as well as pharmaceutical companies, Randox has a wealth of knowledge to share with not only laboratory professionals, but the wider public.

The purpose of Lab Tests Blog is to provide a valuable resource for laboratory professionals to learn more about new innovations and current, relevant research and industry news within laboratory diagnostics. The world of healthcare is so vast it can be difficult to find one place that acts as a comprehensive and reliable source of information, relating to the diagnostic field in particular. Lab Tests Blog was created to provide this source.

Laboratory diagnostics is perhaps the most important element of patient assessment. Not only does it cover the diagnosis of human conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and so on, it is also of paramount importance within the fields of drug residue testing, toxicology, veterinary care and the pharmaceutical industry to name only a few. As Randox has experience in these areas, Lab Tests Blog will provide constant updates on industry news within these fields, ensuring you, the user is kept up to date within the click of a button.

We have created an easy to use, relevant and useful source you can access without having to waste time sifting through a multitude of websites. We know how hectic the daily workload of a laboratory technician or manager can be. Lab Tests Blog provides the latest industry news, new product developments, useful tips and articles on improving laboratory efficiency, saving costs, quality control and so on, as well as interesting market news. All information we provide is from trustworthy sources, ensuring you can rely on the details.


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