New book addresses legal issues for personal injury victims

Personal injury victims often find themselves confused by the complexity of the legal system. Lawsuits are full of convoluted rules and difficult jargon making it harder for people to understand. Beyond that, these lawsuits are related to stressful injuries that often involve mounting medical bills and potentially life-changing consequences. Those serious medical concerns can make it more difficult to focus on the minute details of a lawsuit. Fortunately, a new book can help clear the fog surrounding these sorts of cases. The book, Injured in an Accident?: Ten of America's Leading Personal Injury Attorneys Share Their Wisdom, contains essays by a variety of experienced personal injury lawyers. These lawyers come from multiple regions and practices to make personal injury lawsuits more accessible to the people to whom they matter most.

Kiwanis International and local chapters in addition to other charities will receive all the proceeds from the book. The publisher is North Carolina's Rutherford Publishing House.

The book seeks to provide a way for ordinary people to understand the lawsuits that they suddenly find themselves a part of as a result of another person's carelessness. The lawyers share their tips and knowledge about where the possible landmines are buried, so that plaintiffs can proactively avoid them. This book can help injured parties take back control of their situation, allowing them to participate as a valuable member of their legal team. The authors cover a variety of different topics in their contributions, addressing issues as varied as insights into specific legal areas like medical malpractice or traffic accidents, as well as broader topics like the benefits of personal injury attorneys and the way that the insurance industry works.

Peter Ventura's Contribution

One contributing attorney was Peter Ventura, a personal injury attorney based out of Worcester, Massachusetts. Ventura's contribution to the book helps victims understand the way that insurance companies function, and how it became the anti-consumer industry that it is today. He also highlights the many ways that experienced personal injury lawyers can help victims handle an aggressive insurance company that is trying to take advantage of them.

The insurance industry's transformation into what it is today began in the 50s when the companies started looking for more aggressive methods of driving up their profits. They started off by orchestrating a public-relations campaign that attempted to demonize injured plaintiffs seeking fair compensation as greedy or just out for a windfall. This campaign, euphemistically referred to as "tort reform," is still active today, and has been effective at convincing legislators to limit the rights of injured victims.

Beyond this messaging effort, insurance companies have made their claims adjusters more aggressive. These adjusters are employees of the corporations who investigate individual claims. The adjusters work hard to defeat the claims that come across their desk, and even for the claims they cannot defeat, they work to hold off payments to the injured victims for as long as they can. Dealing with these aggressive tactics is often difficult for inexperienced victims on their own. However, an experienced personal injury attorney can often help even the odds and fight for victims to receive full and fair compensation for the harms that they suffered.



Peter Ventura, Attorney at Law


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