Olympus unveils CX23® microscope for education, training and laboratory use

Olympus has unveiled the CX23® microscope, designed to provide high-quality optical performance and stress-free, dependable operation in laboratory, classroom and training facilities worldwide.

Olympus CX23 MicroscopeThe CX23 educational microscope is easy to set up, operate and carry, making it perfect for use both by medical students and in laboratory operations that take place in the field and in other nontraditional settings. Built for rugged dependability over years of use, it weighs just 13 pounds (5.9kg), making it the lightest microscope in its class.

Like other instruments in the Olympus CX series, the new microscope features high-performance infinity-corrected optics for bright, clear, crisp images. The stable, color-corrected LED light source delivers reliable, natural-looking illumination, using far less power and lasting many times longer than traditional bulbs. A field number of 20 provides for added efficiency. The user can lock the frame to prevent any possibility of the objective and glass slide coming in contact, helping preventing accidental specimen damage.

The CX series is part of the full range Olympus scientific microscopes for education, clinical consultation, training and research. All are designed to deliver on the Olympus promise of optical excellence, performance and durability. From the flagship FluoView® series of laser scanning confocal and multiphoton microscopes used in leading life science research facilities, through the powerhouse BX3®/IX3® series that enable a wide range of live cell imaging applications, and on to the CX series for teaching in universities, field training sites and other educational institutions, Olympus provides microscopy solutions that exceed expectations for the widest variety of applications.

For more information, contact our sales representatives or our authorized dealers or visit www.olympus-lifescience.com.

About Olympus

Olympus Corporation is an international precision technology leader operating in industrial, medical, academic and consumer markets, specializing in optics, electronics, and precision engineering. As a subsidiary of Olympus Corporation, Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas is an integral part of the global Olympus network with specific responsibility for the sales and marketing of life science and industrial instrumentation in the Americas. The company’s core product lineup comprises clinical, educational, and research microscopes, nondestructive testing equipment, and analytical instruments, all designed with an unwavering commitment to enhancing people’s lives every day and contributing to the safety, security, quality, and productivity of society. For more information, visit www.olympusamerica.com.


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