TESCAN introduce unique multimodal holographic microscope for live cell imaging

TESCAN, a traditional manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes, is now entering the optical microscopy market with its unique multimodal holographic microscope (MHM) - Q-PHASE.

The unique Q-PHASE microscope is based on the principle of incoherent holography. Where other available solutions make use of a laser or laser diode, which may cause adverse or undesirable effects, mainly in terms of imaging quality, Q-PHASE uses white light for illumination, thus producing high quality imaging. The TESCAN solution enables the monitoring of live cells in real time and quantifies their parameters without needing to apply contrast stains. Thanks to this technology live samples are not harmfully affected, and pathogenic or even toxic effects are avoided. The ability to observe samples in scattering media is also unique.

Q-PHASE - a unique instrument for quantitative phase imaging (QPI) based on patented technology of Coherence-controlled holographic microscopy - can be applied in a wide range of fields, such as biological research, healthcare, pharmacology, biotechnology, metallography, micro-technology, nano-technology, micro-optics, electrical engineering, etc. Primarily, the instruments are designed for biological applications, mainly cancer research.

Ing. Jaroslav Klíma, CEO of TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING said:

This entry into a new field of optical microscopy proves the importance of synergic cooperation between the commercial and academic sphere. Via this approach, TESCAN is continuously strengthening its position and, at the same time, demonstrates its innovative capacity via solutions that are in line with scientists´ needs and modern research trends as much as possible. Our commitment is to offer instruments of high added value for any fields of microscopy, and Q-PHASE is definitely such an instrument

The revolutionary Q-PHASE microscope has been developed through the collaborative efforts of TESCAN and Brno University of Technology. This achievement has already received several awards, such as the Werner von Siemens Award 2013, and also won the competition “The Best Cooperation 2013” in the Czech Republic. The microscope’s optical system has been patented in Europe and USA as well as in the Euro-Asian region and its protection is currently being further broadened.

Q-PHASE MHM will officially be introduced at The Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015 (MMC2015) in Manchester where visitors will have a chance to see and try out the microscope.

More information is available at our website: http://www.tescan.com/en/products/q-phase/q-phase


Tescan Orsay Holding


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