Automated OpenSPR-XT will accelerate discoveries in protein science

Nicoya Lifesciences, a leader in label-free molecular analysis, announced today its newest product, OpenSPR-XT - a fully automated molecular analysis instrument based on the highly successful OpenSPR instrument.

Nicoya OpensPR XT 2

The release of OpenSPR-XT will provide life sciences researchers from academia to industry with a high throughput SPR solution that is affordable for every lab. The OpenSPR line of surface plasmon resonance instruments uses proprietary nanotechnology based sensors to provide high quality molecular interaction data at a fraction of the cost of traditional SPR instruments.

By combining this technology with robust and user friendly automation, OpenSPR-XT saves time, reduces errors, and improves data quality and repeatability. This product provides critical data needed by life sciences researchers, such as binding kinetics, affinity, and specificity of proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, small molecules and more.

The launch of OpenSPR-XT addresses a major gap in the market. Most researchers could not afford to have a fully automated SPR solution in their own labs – they had to rely on costly outsourcing or using an inconvenient central lab facility.

Now they can have a powerful, high throughput instrument in their own lab, which will help accelerate new discoveries in fields like biotherapeutics.

This product is a result of the feedback we have received from our customers, and will allow us to meet the growing demand for high throughput molecular analysis while continuing to remain the most affordable solution on the market.”

Ryan Denomme, Nicoya’s CEO.


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