10 compelling reasons to say goodbye to error-prone manual workflows

Numerous factors can introduce error into lab processes that lead to out-of-specification results—including manual sample processing using flasks. A new article from METTLER TOLEDO explores 10 compelling reasons to leave error-prone manual workflows behind and create greater accuracy and efficiency in routine sample preparation.

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to present “10 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Inaccurate Concentrations” for free download. The article describes an alternative to subjective volumetric workflows gravimetric sample preparation. This innovative method enables accurate solution preparation in less time with fewer resources for significant cost savings and productivity enhancement. This method is accepted and has been described in the United States Pharmacopeia Chapter 1251.

The list of benefits is compelling, including the ability to create exactly the amount of solution needed rather than being constrained by discrete flask volumes. This helps conserve expensive materials and reduces disposal costs. Additionally, the ability to add liquid based on the objective weight of a dosed solid means accurate concentrations every time. Operators spend less time and energy scooping solids to meet tolerances, enhancing process ergonomics.

“10 Reasons” also describes the ease with which various balance models can be converted to support gravimetric sample preparation. The improvements in data collection, labeling, and traceability that this method offers makes it a truly viable, cost-effective alternative to subjective flask reading.


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