Nova Biomedical’s new blood gas analyzer simplifies critical care testing

Nova Biomedical simplifies critical care testing with Stat Profile Prime®, a new blood gas analyzer that combines the revolutionary micro-electronics of the consumer world with Nova’s innovative ZERØ maintenance cartridge technology for a smaller, faster, and less expensive critical care analyzer.

Stat Profile Prime’s ZERØ maintenance cartridge technology consists of individual cartridges for biosensors, calibrators, and liquid quality control. Each cartridge is maintenance-free, ready to use, and easily replaced in seconds. This design optimizes the life of each cartridge; improves analyzer uptime; and eliminates the waste, downtime, and higher costs of older combined calibrator/sensor cartridge systems.

Nova’s new technology MicroSensor Card contains biosensors for pH, PCO2, PO2, Na, K, iCa, Cl, Glu, and Lac. Credit card-sized, the MicroSensor Card is automatically calibrated and always ready to deliver a full 10-test profile in just 60 seconds. MicroSensor cards can be replaced in less than half the time of older cartridge systems, which can take more than one hour to calibrate and can remain unstable with drift, frequent re-calibrations, and reduced throughput for even longer periods of time. Stat Profile Prime’s Clot Block sample flow path protects the MicroSensor Card from blockages and prolonged downtime caused by blood clots.

“We at Nova Biomedical are extremely excited to launch the Stat Profile Prime platform with the Prime CCS or critical care system. Stat Profile Prime represents the latest critical care testing technology and further demonstrates Nova’s leadership and history of innovation,” said Brad Bullen, BS, RCP, sales product line manager at Nova. “Our zero maintenance system allows its users to focus on what is important—patient care.”

Compact, lightweight, and simple to operate with a color touchscreen, Stat Profile Prime may be used in a fixed location virtually anywhere in the hospital or operated on a mobile cart with a battery back-up. Stat Profile Prime ensures the highest quality and lab accuracy with automated, true liquid quality control and continuous electronic self-monitoring, saving time and labor. Tests include: partial pressure of carbon dioxide and oxygen, acidity, sodium, potassium, chloride, ionized calcium, glucose, lactate, and hematocrit.


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