Mettler Toledo describe how to eliminate impact of static on weighing results

Lab operators are often shocked to learn how subtle electrostatic charges can have a significant impact on weighing results. A new white paper from METTLER TOLEDO describes the damage static can cause and documents 13 ways to eliminate this force at the balance.

Electrostatic charges have the capacity to alter weighing results by as much as a few hundred milligrams. However, on a day-to-day basis in the lab, the interplay of static between an object and weighing cell can be hard to recognize. Without knowing it, an operator can produce solutions with inaccurate concentrations. Poor processing hurts the accuracy of downstream processes.

As part of the lab equipment leader’s year-long e-Calendar, “13 Ways to Eliminate Electrostatic Forces that Disrupt Weighing” will be available for download during the month of May. This METTLER TOLEDO paper discusses the cause of electrostatic charges and how they affect samples and weighing vessels. It also offers no- and low-cost fixes to help lab and production operators avoid out-of-specification results.

Presented strategies either keep static from starting or help it to dissipate and include technological solutions that permanently eliminate the possibility of static in the weighing workflow. It will be helpful to anyone working in a lab or production environment, particularly pharma and chemical labs where small amounts of powdery substances are weighed on a regular basis.

To avoid or eliminate static buildup and keep weighing results accurate, download  “13 Ways to Eliminate Electrostatic Forces that Disrupt Weighing” in May.

Source: Mettler Toledo


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