Nu decade, Nu probes!

It’s becoming something of a NuNano tradition that January is prime time for letting you know we’re adding new probes to our range. This year is no different.

Nu decade, Nu probes!

SEM image of SCOUT 150 probe

First up is the arrival of SCOUT 150. This completes our Scout series of silicon AFM probes for general imaging applications in AC modes (non-contact/tapping modes) in air. With a nominal spring constant of 18 N/m and a resonant frequency of 150 kHz, it fills the gap in mechanical properties between our existing Scout 70 (2 N/m) and Scout 350 (42 N/m) probes. Scout 150 probes are available either uncoated or with reflective aluminum or gold coating on the backside of the cantilever. They are also available with a high aspect ration (HAR) tip for deep trench imaging.

This means we now have probes with spring constants enabling reliable imaging on samples ranging from the soft(ish) through to the very hard.

Even more exciting is the imminent arrival of a whole new probe series: Our QUEST silicon nitride probes.

Currently in beta-testing, the first of these is a selection of tip-less silicon nitride probes, ideal for attaching colloids or beads onto for force spectroscopy or mechanical measurements on soft organic materials such as cells or polymers. Given the wide range of applications in this area of AFM we are offering rectangular or triangular cantilever geometries and a choice of spring constants between 0.005 N/m and 0.5 N/m. There’s something for everyone!

Developing these new probes and getting them up to the same rigorous standards we apply across all ranges is very rewarding for me. I know just how critical it is to use exactly the right probe to get the best possible image, so to be able to broaden our range and offer our customers more choice is what NuNano is all about. I hope to share more new product releases with you later in the year.

Of course, deciding what to work on next is something that we like to do in collaboration, or at least conversation, with the wider community. With that in mind I’d like to invoke another new year NuNano tradition and ask - What are your AFM plans this year? What ‘Nu’ probes would you like to see become available in 2020?


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