EKF introduces hand-held hemoglobin analyzer with secure POC connectivity

EKF Diagnostics, a global in vitro diagnostics company, announces an enhanced DiaSpect Tm. The hand-held hemoglobin analyzer now connects securely to EKF Link, the company’s own point-of-care (POC) middleware, enabling additional features including a calculated hematocrit value and data management. Available globally, the DiaSpect Tm has received an IVD CE-mark, FDA clearance and is registered in many more countries across all continents.

EKF introduces hand-held hemoglobin analyzer with secure POC connectivity
The DiaSpect POC hemoglobin analyzer now powered by EKF Link digital connectivity solution. Image Credit: EKF Diagnostics

Ensuring test results are stored and accessed securely on a centralized platform, the enhanced DiaSpect Tm can now be connected to the recently released EKF Link middleware. This expands on the ever-growing list of analyzers that are compatible with the new state-of-the-art POC data management platform. EKF’s DiaSpect Tm is also now equipped with Bluetooth, internal storage for 4000 tests and QC results, as well as the capability to provide a calculated hematocrit value alongside the usual hemoglobin result.

Moving into a new era of POC connectivity, the DiaSpect Tm results are easily accessible from a web browser through EKF Link while being securely protected on the servers already available in most laboratories and hospitals. Patient and operator identification allow for better tracking of both staff competence and test results, and a Quality Control reminder function ensures compliance with ever tightening local regulations.

Enabling rapid decision making, the DiaSpect Tm simultaneously delivers hemoglobin with calculated hematocrit results in under two seconds from just 10 µL of capillary or venous blood collected in microcuvettes and inserted directly into the analyzer. This makes it extremely user-friendly requiring minimal training. In addition, no calibration is required as it is factory calibrated against the HiCN reference method, and turbidity is also measured and compensated for.

Commenting on the new introduction, David Wojahn, Hematology Product Manager for EKF Diagnostics, said, “Our new DiaSpect Tm will enable POC coordinators, operating rooms and screening programs to connect this fast and reliable photometric hemoglobin analyzer to Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) or Patient Information Systems (PIS) through EKF Link. Now with the EKF Link connectivity, DiaSpect Tm is an ideal POC solution enabling users to rapidly upload results from anywhere and power up their performance, delivering results directly alongside the patient or blood donor.

The DiaSpect Tm is an ideal POC hemoglobin analyzer as it is palm-sized, lightweight, robust and easily transportable. It can be used in any screening setting, even in challenging climatic environments. This is because its reagent-less microcuvettes have up to 2.5 years shelf life, even after opening, and are unaffected by temperature and humidity. Its ‘always-on’ technology enables professionals to start using the device immediately; and the rechargeable internal battery, which provides up to 40 days/10,000 tests continuous use, offers the flexibility of not needing a power source for weeks at a time.


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