EKF launches handheld veterinary lactate analyzer

EKF Diagnostics, a global in vitro diagnostics company, announces the launch of a new version of its Lactate Scout analyzer, designed specifically for use in veterinary settings. Lactate Scout Vet uses the same proven technology that was initially developed to provide elite sports coaches and athletes with a precise and easy-to-use handheld lactate test. The new Lactate Scout Vet features species selection for dogs, horses, pigs and cattle, making it ideal for use in both small and large animal practices.

The Lactate Scout Vet features species selection, making it ideal for rapid lactate measurement in both small and large animal practices. For a high-res image, please contact sarahp@alto-marketing.com. Image Credit: EKF
The Lactate Scout Vet features species selection, making it ideal for rapid lactate measurement in both small and large animal practices. For a high-res image, please contact [email protected]. Image Credit: EKF

Lactate testing is increasingly used in the veterinary clinic for prognosis and diagnosis in a number of clinical presentations. It can be applied as a rapid triage and risk stratification tool assigning higher and lower risk categories. The availability of reliable handheld lactate analyzers, such as EKF’s new Lactate Scout Vet, providing validated results comparable to laboratory-based testing, means that fast, cost effective and near-patient results are now readily accessible as a valuable aid for the veterinarian.

Lactate Scout Vet delivers accurate lactate measurements within 10 seconds, from just a 0.2 µL capillary blood sample, taken via earlobe prick. The handheld analyzer has quick and easy species selection options and can store up to 500 results. Lactate Scout Vet is a user-friendly device, and the simple to navigate e-paper display provides excellent readability in varying light conditions, as well as at different viewing angles.

With our vast experience in lactate measurement in the clinical diagnostics market, we are excited to launch our latest analyzer, Lactate Scout Vet, which is designed specifically for the veterinary market,” 

Mike Salter, CEO of EKF Diagnostics

“We are already a well-established manufacturer, supplier, distributor and exporter globally of lactate analyzers, delivering dependable pre- and post-sales support. We pride ourselves on developing easy-to-use devices that provide reliable, fast and accurate results.”

EKF Diagnostics has developed, manufactured and supplied medical diagnostic products and services to the global market for more than 30 years.  It has sold and supported its point-of-care and central laboratory products in over 100 countries. EKF’s Lactate Scout analyzers have been used by many Olympic and National Sports Associations to prepare athletes for major championships. In addition to its use in many other human endurance and team sporting activities, the utility of Lactate Scout for animal athletes, such as for horse racing in the USA, is well established.

For more information about EKF Diagnostics, please visit https://www.ekfdiagnostics.com/, follow @EKFdiagnostics on twitter, or follow EKF Diagnostics on LinkedIn.


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