1. Sandra Bass Sandra Bass United States says:

    With each prescription of options there should also be one included for a single dose of Nalgene, for accidental overdose. There should also be a video shown to patients with first prescriptions to describe in detail the effects of prolonged opiate  use on the body examples, visual examples of what happenes when taken over time.

    Then what is seen with the eyes will have more ability to "sink in" and to be well understood by the patients. A lot of what doctors say goes over the heads of many patients. Visual effects work better!

    Merely taking hurting people's medications away from them after every other procedure fails, is inhumane, this kind of radical action in patients living with constant PAIN, proven(by MRI'S, or discography, discograms, ex rays, ultra sound, etc) chronic debilitating PAIN is not even done to animals!

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