1. Athena Athena United States says:

    I can see the religious view point because I am Christian myself and also straight. I believe in god, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. However, I have a gay brother, and bi and lesbian best friends. And I can't help having them as friends, I just attract flaming people and I love them for who they are! My brother and best friend were never attracted to the opposite sex as far as I could tell, and would I be a good Christian if I condemned them for not being anything but themselves? How can I as a Christian ask them to live a lie and "choose" to be straight? Why does religion have to be about condemning people? I always believed being Christian was about helping your neighbor, having morals, respecting others, being tolerant, being generous, and learning from individuals different than myself. If this makes me a sinful person than I'd rather go to hell. Let god judge mankind because we have no right to judge what we don't fully understand.

    • shanny shanny   says:

      I agree with the majority of your post... and I want to point out that it shows why the religious arguments don't work.  Religion is very personal...each person believes something different from the person next to them in the pew each Sunday.  Religion is nothing more than man's attempt to regulate others morality.

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