1. John Cleaver John Cleaver United States says:

    Looks like a sample sequenced in Mexico was the Delta variant that picked up the N501Y mutation. I guess we're about to find out just how much more contagious this virus can become!

    Collection date 2021-07-09
    Authors Luis Mendoza et al
    GISAID Clade      GK
    S1 mutations     10
    Clade     21A (Delta)
    Country Mexico
    Country of Exposure       Mexico
    Current frequency           0.00222
    Admin Division Puebla
    Division of Exposure       Puebla
    Emerging Lineage            B.1.617.2 (Delta)
    Host       Human
    Logistic growth 11.0
    Originating Lab Laboratorio de salud publica Puebla
    PANGO Lineage B.1.617.2
    Submission Date               One week ago
    Region North America
    Submitting Lab LABOPAT
    GISAID EPI ISL    3055563
    Mutations from root      
    M: I82T
    N: D63G, R203M, G215C, D377Y
    ORF1a: A599V, A1306S, P2046L, T2154I, P2287S, V2930L, T3255I, T3646A
    ORF1b: P314L, G662S, P1000L, A1918V
    ORF3a: S26L
    ORF7a: V82A, T120I
    ORF7b: T40I
    ORF8: D119-, F120-
    ORF9b: T60A
    S: T19R, T95I, G142D, E156-, F157-, R158G, L452R, T478K, N501Y, D614G, P681R, D950N, V1104L

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