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  1. Steve Gom Yi Steve Gom Yi United States says:

    I am a personal trainer and an avid weight lifter. I am suffering from tendinosis, and like many others, i was told that it was tendinitis at first. I sought a second opinion from a sports medicine doctor that was well-informed in this matter (since he deals with athletes and sports medicine is what he specializes in). The doctor who gave me my initial diagnosis told me that i should ice and rest my elbow in order to treat it. It seemed like the pain would go away but as soon as i tried to slowly make my way back to training, it would feel worst than before. my sports med doctor told me NOT to ice and that one of the most effective ways of treating tendinosis is through training. Being a personal trainer, i drew out a program that fit what my doctor had told me. 3 weeks in, my elbow was feeling much much better and I was able to ease my way back to what my training regiments were before. Tendinosis is very common among people who weight lift, and it is misconceived that rest is the best way to treat this when all it does is irritate it. Proper training and nutrition is the way to go. NSAID's irritate tendinosis as well. I'm not saying I'm a medical specialist, but being a trainer who absolutely cares about the well-being of my body, I would not do anything that would harm my body. again, icing and resting actually irritates tendinosis and the best method of treatment is PROPER training and exercise.

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