1. Justin Michels Justin Michels United States says:

    Dr. Jennings must have some friends in the pharmaceutical industry who are feeling very threatened right now...  He claims that medicinal use of cannabis is ineffective and unsafe, while undoubtedly relying on amphetamines and lots of patented snake oils which have side-effects including unpredictable, violent outrage -- like the mass shootings we keep reading about, where in most cases they eventually admit the individual was on a prescription for Prozac or some other DRUG being used "as treatment for psychiatric illness".  

    Prohibitionists, in particular those in psychiatry and other serious medical fields, are little more than comic relief these days as the real science behind cannabis is being documented in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Never mind the potential for giving yourself (or your ADHD kid) a noticeable "tic", suicidal thoughts or terrible dreams; as long as you keep paying money to the little people in white coats, everything's going to be just fine.  Surely, there can be no psychiatric value of a mind-altering substance which causes one to question perceived reality and examine themselves from a new perspective.  Why would anybody want to grow a plant anyway?  That would just be silly...

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