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    Kellie Pringle Kellie Pringle United States says:

    It saddens me a little that the perception out there from so many commenters is that they won't tell you which oils used because the are trying to make a billion.  While I agree that is likely the case for many out there, I also know that the FDA and other organizations like it have made it difficult for experts and laypeople to make any sort of claims regarding essential oils.  I wonder if they didn't reveal which oils they used because they are trying to keep from crossing the "compliancy" line.  Or maybe they really are looking to find a way to somehow make some money off of it.  I know this - one of the reasons essential oils are considered so taboo these days - when they used to be the ONLY option since the beginning of time - is that they can't be patented.  So as such, no one can really make any money off of them in that sense and therefore like they said in the article, no one will fund the research that proves their effectiveness.  As for me, I don't need the "official" research.  I have seen and felt what they have done for me and my family.  But it saddens me that despite proof and history, these sorts of findings are not more widely accepted and the overall benefit to mankind is not the focus for some.  The funding is out there...I just believe it's just spent on things that can make those providing the funding some additional money.  God bless those people involved on "both sides" of this topic.

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