1. Marcella Marcella United States says:

    My now 3 year old received the chicken pox vaccination at 12 months and was just diagnosed yesterday with shingles.  It is absolutely absurd for a 3 year old to have to deal with shingles.  From all the research I have been doing it seems it is widely known that children who get chicken pox under one year of age are more susceptible to shingles as children...so why are we vaccinating children with a live form of the virus at 12 months (that's a bit close to the cutoff)?  I now have to deal with keeping my 3 year old away from my 9 month old so he does not give him chicken pox.  I definately think more research should be done and the chicken pox vaccine be only recommended and not mandatory for children to start school.  Our pediatrician commented yesterday that she has seen a lot more shingles cases in young children since the vaccine started.  I believe the vaccine is totally defeating it's purpose if our children now have to deal with shingles outbreaks at such a young age.  I will definately wait longer before my now 9 month old gets the vaccine; he will not be getting it at 12 months.  

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