1. Ethelle Lord Ethelle Lord United States says:

    Recently my husband faced an cricis episode at the nursing center where he resides in the dementia unit. He was diagnosed in 2003 with Alzheimer's and then stopped walking altogether. He could no longer hold the telephone and converse with me. He could no longer follow a conversation and respond appropriately. He slept most of the day and night. After giving him Pycnogenol, a month later he was able to talk with me on the telephone, follow the conversation and respond, and the nurses have to convince him that he needs his nap in the afternoon. What a difference. Pycnogenol has boosted the brain power he has left over after many years with Alzheimer's. The goal was to boost his quality of life, and it did just that.

    • Susie Susie Canada says:

      Very Interesting.  I would like to know the dosage you used.  I have concern for someone with this disease and would like to see some help for them.  Thankyou for caring to give me more information.

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