1. cin cin United States says:

    I ended up in the hospital for 3 days on the cardiac unit.  Shingles!

    Not until months later did I relate my shingles to my grand daughters vaccine.

    I do believe its the vaccine itself which must shed the virus for a certain amount of time.

    I live in PA and see that a booster is now mandated.  This is not fair.  I don't want to get it again.... It was the most painful experience of my life, it was the cause of me to have a heart cath and it was over 6 weeks before I could sleep or not be in pain.  I'm really fearful of getting it again and will try to stay away from young children.

    My daughter in law developed shingles in her hair, she was only 35 yrs old at the time.

    • ACE ACE United States says:

      You can not CATCH shingles, people. Shingles erupts when your immunity wanes and the virus reactivates within your own body. It didn't come from the vaccinated grandchild, it came from your very own nervous system where it's been sitting since you had chicken pox as a child. Had grandchild had chicken pox instead of the vaccine, you'd have been exposed to the virus again and your immunity would have been boosted. That is how the vaccine is causing the shingles epidemic. Not because adults are catching it from vaccinated kids (or else we'd have "caught" it from kids with chicken pox prior), it's because we no longer get an immunity boost from sick kids around us! That's what the article is all about!

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