1. Heather Cooley Heather Cooley United States says:

    Of course, right now, I'm the last one in line! Lol.  I was 5 or 6 when my lazy eye caught my attention enough to bring it up to my mother.  The patch over my good right eye did nothing except ran me into mailboxes on my bicycle.  I can relate so much to feeling left out with 3-d.  I'm 45 now and I would love to have  peripheral vision before I get too old.  I've been in 2 car accidents with cars coming from my left (lazy eye).  I  would very much like to be in any study that might help me and certainly others with the same problem.  Sometimes I ponder on what it would be like to have full vision. I imagine that it would feel so liberating! Sincerely, Heather Cooley

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