... in response to Dengue Fever Prevention
  1. Aseni Desilva Aseni Desilva Sri Lanka says:

    We did a study on ‘Correlation of clinical presentation and laboratory confirmation of dengue patients.’ The proportion of laboratory confirmed dengue patients were 56%. Mean platelet count and PCV in laboratory confirmed dengue patients were 60 269/mm and 41% (range 27-61%) and in non-dengue patients were 106 318/mm and 41.6% (range 29-53%). Based on WHO criteria for diagnosis of dengue, headache (48/56), retro-orbital pain (30/56), limb pain (51/56) and external bleeding (29/56) showed significant association with dengue. Neck pain (10/56), and lymphadenopathy (3/56) did not show significant association with dengue. The infection was confirmed as dengue fever in 11% and dengue hemorrhagic fever in 89% based on WHO criteria. https://goo.gl/GKiqaZ

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