1. AB AB United States says:

    I think people are misunderstanding this study. The point is not that the vaccine is causing shingles in children. The point is that adults who had chicken pox when they were children need to have periodic contact with the virus in order to prevent shingles. When children are vaccinated, there are fewer cases of chicken pox, and therefore less opportunity for adults to come into contact with the virus. Hence the epidemic.

    • Erwin Alber Erwin Alber New Zealand says:

      What you say would make some sense if it wasn't for the fact that even vaccinated children now get shingles, which appears to have been unheard of prior to chickenpox vaccination.

      The chickenpo vaccine is a live virus vaccine which means that the virus is now being injected into young children, which appears to have resulted in a shingles epidemic in both children as well as adults.

      We would have been far better off if the chickenpox vaccine had never been invented, because virtually everyone was naturally immune to the disease.

      "Our medical system is using our children for an experiment with an abusive and invasive technology. The foreign protein, viruses and DNA injected affect children's genetic make-up and wreak havoc in ways we can't even imagine. We can no longer remain complacent or trust that health authorities have our best interest at heart or know what they are doing. We can no longer entrust the health and future of our children to a system that has long ago abandoned its guiding principle of "First, do no harm". "

      Edda West
      VRAN: Vaccination Risk Awareness Network

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