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  1. Tiffany Roquemore Tiffany Roquemore United States says:

    hello, i havent has a period since march. i used the ovia app to track my periods, and i am very regular. i have one son who is 5. negative urine test and blood test at dr . dr told me it is impossible to get a negative blood test if you are pregnant. but i saw about cryptic pregnancies on dr oz and many other places on the web. i mentioned this to my dr and he said anyone who said they got a negative blood test and turned out to be pregnant was a liar. but i dont believe him.
    i really do not know what to do. i am not on birth control. me and my husband do not use protection. i do not have any health issues. at the pap smear the dr said he didnt feel any cysts because i had thought maybe i had one and thats why i missed my period. i dont know what to do.  im really needing to know so i do not smoke or drink alcohol. i am already taking prenatals for about 2 months because i wanted it to help my hair grow faster. what should i do next? i feel like im going crazy. i dont really have much symptoms only heartburn and cravings.

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