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  1. Gonzalo De Armas Gonzalo De Armas Uruguay says:

    milk, eggs, and meat are not beneficial to health!!!

    • Katherine Gibson Katherine Gibson United States says:

      The way our meat, beef, chickens ect are raised and fed are the only reasons why the above mentioned foods may not be good for health these days. However, God created these animals for human consumption in their natural habitat and if they were CARED for the way He (God) intended them to be, the above mentioned foods would be just fine and good for our health. But nobody really speaks out about this and gets on to these dirty companies that raise our food to an unhealthy consumption. God laid out the clean and unclean animals we should abide by, but most don't and this is the reason why we are a sick, unhealthy fat society.

    • HKeen Shine HKeen Shine Tanzania says:

      Those food are not electrical. Our body is electrical can not assimilated to our body. If God prepared us to take those foods our teeth should looks like lion, dogs, vampires and all carnivorous species.
      Also our stomach acid should be strong as carnivorous species like crocodile or dogs. Our colon is 9 times longer with our heights while carnivorous are 3 time. God designed the same as herbivorous species looks our teeth looks as cows. Thus common sense.

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