1. Tony Cypriot Tony Cypriot Cyprus says:

    I thank you for the article in reflection to the previous medical article you posted. Another thing that ought to be considered for research is the mRNA vaccine given to those with existing high cholesterol (LDL - bad cholesterol) and whether there is a connection or possible higher percentage to lead to cardiac arrest.

    • Mark Gee Mark Gee United Kingdom says:

      Given that mRNA is an entirely new technology, and that the developing company Moderna never succeeded in bringing a product to market before 2020, is it not a good idea to now have a moratorium on this tech, whether for use with people who have high cholesterol or anyone else? Shouldn't we now pause and study risks/benefits properly?

    • Noemi Santana Noemi Santana United States says:

      Why isn’t anyone looking into the PEG factor? There are studies from Israel and a preponderance of anecdotal data from people allergic to PEG that go ignored in the US. There has to be a way to produce these and other vaccines as well as other meds without this preservative. The symptoms  described are the same for myocarditis as for the long-term allergic reaction.  [email protected]

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