1. bonna weinstein bonna weinstein United States says:

    Dear Jolene... I feel your pain. I too suffer this curse for almost 15 years with severe fatigue and debilitating pain I do not wish to Anyone else. I take Tramadole (a prescription med.) three times a day. It helps more than tjust aking the edge off.  I can actually function. You may want to give it a try. Hope you find some relief.... Best of luck !

    • Donna Zegalia Donna Zegalia United States says:

      I have been on tramadol for about 7 years. Its the only thing that really works for me. I've tried all the other stuff and nothing helped. I also get myofascial release which has been helping, also. I also take Ultra ER at night otherwise I wouldn't sleep.

      • Janet Thompson Hurguy Janet Thompson Hurguy United States says:

        I've been on Tramadol for eons...it doesn't seem to do a thing. I've tried many, many things. I finally tried Plexus products which really worked but unfortunately, I can't afford to keep buying the Plexus products. I wish natural stuff was covered by insurance like prescription meds.

    • Mary-Rose Wilson Mary-Rose Wilson Australia says:

      I was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia and associated chronic fatigue in 2001. I was working as a secretary which involved mainly keyboarding. I was in a very stressful environment. Once I gave up my position as a typist and got out of that stressful environment, I started to improve. Winter is the worst, so stay warm. Have hot baths to to relax your muscles. Pain increases pretty much after doing physical chores. Take magnesium to relax the muscles. Do a low impact exercise program and get plenty of sleep. I manage my condition very well but also have flair-ups from time to time. I also see a physio for some relief when flair ups take place.  Your physio will give you the correct exercise program to maintain your strength. This is so important to keep strong. The less you use your muscles, the weaker you become. This is just some advise as we have to learn to live with the condition, so we have to manage the symptoms and give ourselves the best shot at living a normal and pain free life. Don't give up! Mary-Rose

      • Ellen Gershenbaum Ellen Gershenbaum United States says:

        Get plenty of sleep? LOLOLOLOL...I get 3 hrs a night, max. The pain wakes me up. No sleep or pain meds work. What a joke!

      • Randi MacDonald Randi MacDonald United States says:

        Magnesium really does help me, and it helps me with my restless legs at night, so I can sleep better. I also take rx Ibuprofen, tramadol, topiramate, and generic effexor(bi-polar as well) this is the first time I've heard that hyper-sensory issues may be related to fibro....is anything NOT related to fibro? lol

      • Kim Hurrell Kim Hurrell New Zealand says:

        Thanks for posting Mary - Rose. Yest I finally got a rheumatologist diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I've Ave been symptomatic for 10 mths now with gastritis TMJ pain & muscle aches since thyroidectomy 11 mths ago. No meds from docs only more tests!!! I have now been  put on a serotonin uptake antidepssent as a trial. Initially was insulted but gonna give it a    go. Have you had any success with antidepressant type meds for   pain relief? My post exertion aches and nausea last for days. So  is bloody all so impact full & life changing. I was a spring chicken  a year ago and now feel like an old hen! Thanks again for sensible suggestions. Kim

        • Melissa Janeway Melissa Janeway United States says:

          I know it's been awhile since your post... but it's not like the issue goes away, so I'm going to answer your question.  Many psych meds can be helpful for neuropathic pain.  The basic serotonin mmeds aren't really one of them.  For pain, the SNRI's (cymbalta, effexor, prestiq, and there's another out now) are the primary first-line meds.  Then you have the TCA Amytriptyline (which is also commonly used).  Finally, the biggest fibro med that's classified as psych (but in a class all of it's own) is Lyrica.  Topamax is also sometimes used... but I'd refuse that one, personally.  For nausea, I take Zofran.  I highly recommend it above the others.

    • Kari Shutt Kari Shutt United States says:

      I also take tramadol every night. It does help. On really bad days when I can't get out of bed then I will have to use my Vicodin...

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