1. William Painter William Painter United States says:

    I have had Caron's disease since I was 27 years old. ( now 54 years old ) I have had three small intestine bowel re sections and an illiostomy that was reversed after 8 months. My last surgeon told me I  have very little small intestine left. With that in mind how well does medications absorbed into my system. I also have peripheral neuropathy for which I take oxycodone. Sometime it feels like the pain Meds aren't absorbed into my system. As though they pass through my small intestine without being absorbed into my system. Is there something I can do to remedy this situation?

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      Jennifer L. Jennifer L. United States says:

      Omg, I fell so bad-I hop you are doing better! does it feel any different?

    • Janet Smith Janet Smith United States says:

      I also had my small intestine removed in 2009 due to being "dead gut" caused by blood clots.  I was on life support for 9 days with blood clots removed throughout my circulatory system.  I was dying and called out to GI and Internal medicine Dr.s who just gave me laxatives and vomiting medicine.  I have a regimen of drinking filtered water and fluids, vitamins, biotin (hair and nails fell out), B 12 shots for my iron and anemia. My medicine that I take do not show up in my urine either, because I have to take a lot of medicine for it to work.  The Doctor should look at your chart and realize that 80% of nutrients are from your small intestine not processing the food you eat!  Hang in there and get a specialist to follow your food intake and what is lacking.  There is help out there, dont give up.

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