1. katerina stefanova katerina stefanova United Kingdom says:

    Yes, I believe people tried a lot to treat this debilitating illness. As all in you have a cause, in me the cause is the anaerobic resistant bacteria. Now in the stage of two tinnitus and vertigo,pressure in ears,sensitivity to noise and losing hearing, medication does not work and from experience of others with different treatments I can learn that Menieres can not be treated, maybe eleviting the symptoms for some time. I tried for example high dosage of low level laser therapy for tinnitus and Menieres in Germany for stopping the vetrigo. The high dosage of LLLT works on the tinnituses induce by acoustic trauma, virus and resistant bacteria. After the few days of the high dosage of LLLT I went through side effects, but the vertigo stopped, tinnituses by time with a home laser went down. But you have to carry on with the high dosage to kill the anaerobic bacteria persistantly. Having one kind of antibiotics which I was sensitive to it lead  my Menieres to be out of control.Unfortunatelly the high dosage of LLLT is not available in the UK, so I have to for financila reasons look for something in the UK where we live. If the Implatable vestibular prosthetis works on vertigoes, then it is amazing news for us menierest. Question is how to access the treatment and how much it will cost?  Katerina

    • Go Tobann Go Tobann Ireland says:

      How did you obtain such an accurate diagnosis? I thought they couldnt test for bacteria in the inner ear? Have you heard about Orthokine?

      • katerina stefanova katerina stefanova United Kingdom says:

        yes you are right. There is no test for bacteria in the inner ear. There is no also test for virus in the inner ear for us alived either. Why gentamicine injection for innere ear for menieres then? it is bacterial and antibiotic does not work for virus. At the end the ears are close to teeth and jaw. Imaging that  after the dental work you finish with tinnitus. The antibiotic does not work. And later the tinnitus progress into menieres int the same ear. Imaging that after the tooth extraction the infection can spread further in the bone ( sculp). If you have amalgams in mouth the banch of bacterias can be resistant ( research based info). Will the antibioitic help such antibioitic after the tooth extraction? The question is why for some the gentamicin injection help and some not if gentamicin is antibacterial? Maybe is good to look ate what bunch of bacterias aerobic and anaerobic are there in that bone/ear and what for is the gentamicin? katerina

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