1. Simplisitty101 Simplisitty101 United States says:

    I can't say I approve of gays cause I don't I have begun to realize that gay people are looking for an excuse for them to say that being gay is normal when in fact it's not believe in the bible or science the facts are there we were created with opposite sexual organs for a reason and that's that. Gay came out of follys people wanting more than wanting to experiment and I have nothing against them but plz don't make it seem normal stop looking for and excuse to feel normal like everything else in this world that lifestyle is a choice and has become a highly influenced choice in this modern day society

    • andthemachine andthemachine Canada says:

      There will always be a dividing line between: Liberals and Conservatives;Jocks and Stoners;Americans and Mexicans;Homosexuals and Christians.  
      It is not just one issue, it is a multitude of problems that we love to fixate on. There is no side that will ever say they are wrong, and that anger is fueling so much hate in the human race. We are meant to be a lot of things; but, divided is not one of them. People should accept the good and the bad of the Earth and just be happy with what they have. This is all just wasted energy. Why don't you all try to be a little less judgmental and defensive? If we didn't have diversity life would be really boring. And if this wasn't the way it was meant to be, it wouldn't be this way.

      "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

      Just be happy people. You don't live forever.

    • Lithp Lithp United States says:

      I can't say I approve of Simplisity101 because I don't. I have only just begun to decipher that word salad up there. I realize that using proper grammar & diction is a choice, one that he has obviously foregone. He's looking for an excuse to believe his position is well-reasoned when it's not. It came out of folly, of not knowing what "facts" & "reasons" mean in science. I have nothing against him, but "plz" is not a real word. Everything is not a choice, that's moronic, & if society were so damn influental he'd learn how to write.

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