1. El Ja Cardin El Ja Cardin United States says:

    This study is total crap.
    If you lived a life of severe pain that never stops, you would understand. This study was done by people who live a normal life.
    These drugs were researched and brought to market cost millions of dollars. There are people who would commit suicide if they didn't have pain control.  Pain control cannot and does not take the pain away. At best, it can and will lower the pain level to some degree and that it what can help us to continue to live.
    Those who take "drugs" for fun or whatever, I don't care about at all. That is their choice and if they overdose then I don't particularly care.
    But, DO NOT put our lives at risk because you don't understand what it is to live in abject unrelenting pain.
    Do not try to give up placebo or less that we get, which usually isn't enough, but we will settle for a little lessening of said pain.
    Would you rather that those of us who live like this just go ahead a die to prove your false assumption?
    Tell me, if you can, and explain just how many pain patients you have consulted before you wrote this erroneous article.
    Thank you, I await your answers.

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