1. EZ Carnivore EZ Carnivore United States says:

    Contrary to the other two comments, I'm of the opinion that more absorbable IS better. The reason why so many people are fat and sick is due to too not getting enough protein and essential nutrition from animal foods, and instead eat very protein poor but energy dense, high carbohydrate plant foods along with oxidized high fat seed oils in their highly processed diets. I believe most people are never satiated from eating, because their bodies are wanting more nutrition and aren't getting it from plants.

    As someone who has effortlessly lost 25 lbs eating an animal based keto diet, is now noticably less inflamed than when eating a standard American diet, and is always satiated from my meals and is rarely hungry, I can say that I'd rather eat only meat than go back to eating mostly plant food. Many people heal chronic conditions like diabetes and chronic pain on a carnivore diet, and even mental conditions like depression and bipolar disorder.

    The science that says meat is bad isn't very convincing, especially as it's mainly studies looking at people who eat meat while still consuming large amounts of plant foods and carbohydrates. True experimental animal based diet studies have never been done on humans, and only a couple of small epidemiology carnivore diet studys have recently been published. Much more investigation needs to be done, but just looking at the anecdotes is very telling about how powerful animal nutrition is. Besides, we've been eating meat over our entire evolutionary history, why is it only bad for us now?

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