1. Rita Shaw Rita Shaw United States says:

    How many fibromyalgia and ME are actually one of the above mentions diseases? I know my insominia predated my fibromyalgia disease by 2 years? I Wore a app that recorded sleep wake cycles and recorded sounds at home for 10 days,  I was waking up constantly without even knowing it? One night I was recorded talking, coughing, mumbling etc. Over 200 times?? They said I wasn't  getting deep sleep, my cycles were being interrupted  for some reason. I'd think  I slept 11 hours get to work, sit at my desk, and fall asleep over and over, until I jerked myself and woke or security called me and said " Rita your doing it again! Falling asleep on the job several times today already) talk about embarrassing,  I worked front desk of hospital. This was in 2004/5 they noted insomnia in my medical record. But Even though I asked abt  sleep study many times they never took it as serious as they  should. Because either way my body and mind became over exhausted,  broke down..caught  MRSA on job, than pneumonia, than chronic glomerulonephritis kidney desease, hypokelma,  anterior pituitary disorder,  Periherial neuropathy, Reiters arthritis,? Now with all these issues not even naming other half abnormalities, do you really think it's just fibromyalgia? Funny because joint pain has gone into remission or healed from car accident  which caused  severe multilevel  spinal pain, and whiplash MRI showed multi level stenosis.....I remember them distinctly telling me that fibromyalgia was a very painful syndrome, but wouldn't effect or damage my health in any serious way, we just have to treat the symtoms,  as best we can....

    • Daniel Tache Daniel Tache United States says:

      Great comments and insights Rita.  I am a dentist but I have a practice limited to the treatment of sleep disorders and orofacial pain.  In 2008 I entered a 3 year Masters program in orofacial pain and my department chairman, Dr. Noshir Mehta at Tufts U. suggested that I consider doing research in sleep disorders.  I did not realize at the time just how correct he was in suggesting to me that orofacial pain and sleep problems often co-exist.  I studied under a psychologist on staff at Mass General Hospital who was considered one of the real experts in Fibromyalgia.  Long story short, there is a substantial body of evidence that supports the hypothesis that Fibromyalgia (symptoms) is most often due to the presence of sleep-related breathing disturbances which cause up-regulation  of the central nervous system and the consequent symptoms due to chronic flight-and-fight condition.  Researchers and clinicians such as Drs. Avrum Gold and Christian Guilleminault got it right.  Here's a link to an excellent article by Dr. Gold (a student of Dr. Guilleminault -Stanford Sleep) - if you can, get hold of this and it will tie up a lot of loose ends for you (but I don't think that you have many...you seem to have good intuition about all of this!  Here's a link to that article:  www.sciencedirect.com/.../S1087079210001346
      Dan Tache

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