1. R.J. R.J. United States says:

    Since the age of 13, I've been dealing with episodes of chronic dizziness. These spells come on gradually and are preceded(almost like an aura) by a woozy(for lack of a better word) and weak sensation of the limbs, confusion, and increased sensitivity to light, sound, and other stimuli.

    At the height of the spell, I can not function at all but need sleep. It get's so bad at times, I have to brace my head tightly and scream in agony(There are times where I can't even lay on my back). But sensations of falling, spinning, lightheadedness and imbalance are noticeably absent(although nausea and vomiting do occur if the episode is long enough)!

    The spell will not go away unless I get deep sleep(Ive never had an episode first thing after awaking). Otherwise They'll last for several hours!

    At one point, these spells occurred every day. But now only happen occasionally(thankfully).

    I've tried everything from under the sun(to no avail). Is there anyone out there who experiences these acute dizzy spells besides me? I am now 25 years old and have had this problem now for 12 years...Help!

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