1. Ron Ron United States says:

    Something strange is going on here.  People are getting treated and feeling and functioning a lot better (to the point where even if it is a placebo effect, bring it on!).  On the other hand, a few studies that seem not to have replicated Zamboni's techniques or objects of study (the jugular vein is only one vein that Zamboni implicated and he did more than just MRI) do not support his results.  I am wondering, is the placebo effect that powerful, or are some scientists just stupid? (hint: scientists are human)

    • David David Canada says:

      Yes, the placebo effect is very powerful - but only for illnesses that are psychological (or are exacerbated by psychological factors). All chronic illnesses have psychiatric components and MS is no exception. By all means we should definitely explore psychological factors more, but we really do need to figure out whether or not the patients feeling better is actually due to CCVSI or not - otherwise you are just selling them snake oil!

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