1. Lithp Lithp United States says:

    Glenda, I don't suppose you've ever heard of a CONDOM?

    These anti-gay arguments are always pathetic. Diseases! Good hygiene prevents them. Natural selecton! Doesn't work that way. God says it's wrong! I don't care.

    Now, I'm not gay, but I do know that you can't dismiss vast amounts of scientific research out of hand just because you don't agree with it. And even if it WAS a choice, so what? You're still allowed to practice the religion of Christianity that you CHOOSE, aren't you?

    • ashley ashley   says:

      Condom real good way to BOND with someone you love by getting off without even touching them. Just admit that it IS about sex and we can all move on.

      • Jessica Pruyn Jessica Pruyn United States says:

        It is by no means about sex. If it was just about sex why would a couple even date why would they want to build a life with a partner straight or gay. So to a girl who was molested by her father for five years during puberty doesn't really want to jump on a wagon and date some more men and relive the abuse (and her father still calls himself a christian) Meets another girl and has a real emotional connection and her whole life changes she suddenly doesn't want to commit suicide because she found someone who cares they just happen to have the same genitalia. I can assume because you think homosexual relations is just about sex all of the people you've dated was all about sex too. Or no that only applies to the people your prejudice against.

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