1. Angela Coral Eisenhauer Angela Coral Eisenhauer Australia says:

    Well apparently cp vaccines are mandatory in OZ now, so parents in three schools, raced their kids for the vaccine, now three schools have chicken pox epidemics,  yes the vaccine, sheds cp.  Measles now sheds measles, and the new strain, actually circulates mostly amongst the vaccinate.  Pertuss vaccine, now has created petussis carriers, no symptoms, they just spread it.  The length of time the vaccines work, before the kids still get the diseases?  Mumps   2 years,  Perussis vaccines, average 4 years (100% failure by 10 years).    Yes fully vaccinated and worst of all, newly vaccinated for pertussis, are more likely to be carriers, no illness themselves.   The recommendation? Absolutely no scientific basis?  RE vaccinate pregnant mothers, and siblings of the child, causes 1,000 % increase in miscarriages, and they are more likely to be carriers, infecting their own baby,   thus the sudden rise in infant deaths, in even 100% fully vaccinated herds.........

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