1. Lou Lou United Kingdom says:

    The above article is correct, these websites are grossly misleading people with the all manner of symptoms they attribute to hypothyroidism, brainwashing people into believing they have this condition and advice that is simply damned right dangerous and they should be shut down.

    Why would they imagine the BTA/RCP would consult them in any guidelines or statements, they have no medical qualifications whatsoever and do not know the true meaning of hypothyroidism.

    These people are making money out of their claims, preying on the vulnerable and deliberatly trying to confuse the medical profession by using these brainwashed people as a weapon.

    How anyone can claim to have spent 20-30 years in ill health due to undiagnosed hypothyroidism is beyond a joke, you simply could not have survived that long.

    Fact - before blood tests you declined into myxedema and if it was recognised you were lucky and treated, failing that you slipped into death.

    If only these people suffered and knew the true symptoms of hypothyroidism, rather than continually putting down the very people who are medically qualified and working to prevent suffering.

    • Alexis Baranek Alexis Baranek United States says:

      So the only TRUE hypothyroidism is one where the thyroid stops functioning and the person goes into a total decline?  There are no DEGREES of hypothyroid that can cause symptoms for years and ruin a person's quality of life?  The high choloesterol that ends up being treated with dangerous stains, the depression and tiredness that ends up being treated with Antidepressants that have BAD side effects - all the other things - they all don't really exist unless one is EXTREMELY hypothyroid and has a HIGH TSH?  Give me a break?  IF you are a medical professional you are doing a great disservice to your patients - LOOK at all the comments by so many here?  For those of us who suffered with various symptoms for years (YES - we DID) and the many that still are - WHY would a safe treatment with the one thing our body isn't making enough of be the answer as opposed to dangerous drugs and being told it's all in our head!  SICKENING!

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