1. Storm Crow Storm Crow United States says:

    I'm 69, a retired educator and championship level quilter and a pretty good genealogist. I have used cannabis for just under 50 years. It PREVENTS my migraines from a head trauma, eases my arthritic hands and lifts my mood. Cannabis also reduces my risk of Alzheimer's, seizures (migraines and seizures can be related), obesity and much more! Cannabis, unlike common aspirin, never kills by overdose and it relieves pain faster than any pill!

    Where cannabis is medically legal, deaths by opiate overdose drop by about 25%. And in a Canadian study, “Substituting cannabis for prescription drugs, alcohol and other substances among medical cannabis patients: The impact of contextual factors” (PubMed – 2015),  they found that “Substituting cannabis for one or more of alcohol, illicit drugs or prescription drugs was reported by 87% (n = 410) of respondents, with 80.3% reporting substitution for prescription drugs, 51.7% for alcohol, and 32.6% for illicit substances.”  

    So 8 out of 10 patients replaced their expensive pills with cannabis! Don't you wonder how many of your pills cannabis could replace? The only pharmaceutical drug I take is thyroid pills- cannabis takes care of all the rest! And I can grow cannabis!

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