1. Lena Adams Lena Adams United States says:

    I'm so glad I found this site/ forum..
    My son came home with what we were told was headlice.  It wasn't. We had no clue what they were but they are everywhere and in our eyes and hair bad... I had my husband call emsa because I had no clue what was all over all of us and our car was broke down... as soon as emsa showed up they told me I was high and seeing things... the took argued with us for an hour and then took us to a small hospital where the doctor came to the waiting room shined a light in my eyes and told me I was high and there's nothing there... they had dhs waiting  at the hospital and claimed my husband and I are just meth heads and took my son... the dhs worker refused to come to a different hospital where we would have gladly taken a drug test and she took my baby... my 3 yr old son.... now we are fighting these horrible mites and dhs... we only see our baby once a week for an hour and have to fight in court to get him home... because we called for help... these mites have traumatized me. We are trying everything we can find but had to give everything we had to an attorney to get my baby back... iv never done meth iv never even thought about it but these bugs caused me to be labeled as a tweaker...tweaked.... it's so scary we immediately went to a different hospital after they took my baby and the doctor there told us about the mites but just gave us a sodium solution and told us to wipe our eyes with it.... that's it... it didn't work... I'm scared to even try another doctor. I'm so sick of fighting these things all I want is my baby home...

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