1. Sandra Bass Sandra Bass United States says:

    Just about a few minutes ago I sent a message about a suggestion for a video for patients to watch before recieveing a prescription of opiate medications along with one for a single dose Of Naloxone incase of overdose. But I wasn't given the option to edit the comment, it was sent off with a number of computer suggested words, I never wanted in the first place. Wanted you to know because with these unedited mistakes the comment does not get my point across. Which is to do the above instead of doing to the injured what is not even done to animals by the mammal doctors, to take away from the chronically in pain, because of those who intentally, or unintentionally took overdoses, that is why Naloxone should also be prescribed with any opiates. The video shown with first prescription that describes in detail all the risks over time, and side effects to watch for, because simply... all doctors do not have the ability to covey to patients instead of other professional the risks of taking such medicines.

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