1. Monica D. Monica D. United States says:

    My children were in one of the earlier age groups to recieve the vaccine.  They are 18 and 20 now.  I had them vaccinated and asked if I should also get the vaccine as I had never had the Chicken Pox.  The Dr. said it was unlikely that I had not had it and they would need to do a titer prior to vaccinating me.  About 10 days to 2 weeks later I came down with full blown Chicken Pox at 34 years of age.  It was my birthday and Thanksgiving the day I broke out.  Because everyone else in the family had already had Chicken Pox I stayed for dinner after my ER visit. Later that night I got much sicker with fever and many more sores- it was quite uncomfortable. Less then 2 weeks later my 54 year old mother developed Shingles.  Later I told the Dr. that I thought they were all related- the kids being vaccinated- me getting the chicken pox and my mother getting shingles.  I was told "absolutely not" "just coincidental."  I never believed that.
    Now I am a nurse and recently relayed this story to a pediatrician I work with and he was quite condicending telling me that I may naturally assume some association because of the timing but that again "it is just coincidental."  I will never believe that is the case.  I know what happened and the timeline.  No conincidence!  I too worry about the shedding of viurses now from all the vaccines being pushed.

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