1. Nick McCooke Nick McCooke United Kingdom says:

    You are incorrect in saying that ‘Illumina NGS’ was developed by David Klenerman at the University of Cambridge. The technology was developed by the company Solexa based on the initial ideas of David Klenerman and Shankar Balasubramanian and others. David and Shankar were founding scientists of Solexa. However the technology actually developed at U. Cambridge, Single Molecule Arrays, did not work and did not find its way into the commercial platform. Instead an array technology, bridge amplification, developed by Pascal Meyer and others in Geneva, with no connection to Cambridge University, and acquired by Solexa, was used in the commercial platform. The sequencing chemistry was invented and developed by Solexa, by Solexa scientists, and not at the University of Cambridge. Implying otherwise is a disservice to the Solexa team.
    Nick McCooke
    Former CEO, Solexa

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